When words aren't there, we are.


Art Relief for Children


Our organization focuses on providing our youth around the nation, hands-on opportunities to explore themselves and the world around them through Expressive Art. 


Painting, drawing, dance, song, sculpting, sand play, writing, acting, storytelling and play (yes, even just play) are Expressive Art modalities in which a feeling, thought or explanation exists and is conveyed.

We explore topics such as self love, cause & effect, mass consciousness and symbiotic vs. parasitic behavior.  Within this understanding evolves an awareness of the world we live in and ultimately a mutual respect for all things. Communication through Art is a powerful tool. It provokes an internal dialogue that no other medium can tap into. It presents opportunities to access a persons truths & in turn create effective action.


Art of Awareness


The Art of Awareness brings a unique experience to foster children and other children who have suffered emotional or physical abuse in their lives. This program offers age appropriate opportunities to create public art. Each piece address issues that are reflective of the group building the installation. We are currently serving these cities:


Asheville, NC

Atlanta, GA

Charlotte, NC

Columbia, SC

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Greenville, SC

Knoxville, TN

Miami, FL

Raleigh, NC


Disaster Relief


Art Relief for Children is a non-profit organization dedicated to children in need of a voice. Originally established as a disaster relief effort, we respond in a state of an emergency to assist children with use of expressive arts when disaster strikes. Our mission is to offer children an on-site, safe and inspirational environment. There, through art , dance, music, play & creative expression, children that have been directly or indirectly affected by these circumstances will have the opportunity to express themselves freely in an organized, productive and nurturing environment. We are dedicated to restoring a child’s healthy mind and happy heart. We are determined to reintroduce them into their disrupted environments empowered, secure, feeling refreshed & better equipped to cope with their surroundings.



Made by kids for kids.

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